Veronica Lake
VERONICA LAKE. Sensational 1940s 8x10 glossy black and white half-length Paramount Pictures publicity portrait, with Lake sporting her trademark "peekaboo" hairdo, boldly signed and inscribed in later years in turquoise felt tip ink, "To Alan/Best wishes to you/always/Veronica/Lake." About fine condition, with scattered mild handling bends; small bends to all four corner tips, most noticeable at the top left, where the bend slightly breaks the surface emulsion; and the end of her surname penned against the dark fabric of her gown, readable with moderate contrast. One of Hollywood's classic glamour icons, Veronica Lake enjoyed a meteoric rise to popularity following her first major screen appearance in 1941, but her career petered out within a decade. She was happily paired with Alan Ladd in seven films, but most of her other co-stars found her temperamental and difficult to work with, Eddie Bracken commenting, "Her nickname on the set was 'the Bitch' -- and she deserved it!" Signed photographs are relatively uncommon.

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