Chester W. Nimitz
CHESTER W. NIMITZ. Classic 14x11 matte finish silver tone portrait of Admiral Nimitz signing Japan's treaty of surrender aboard the U.S.S. Missouri on September 2, 1945. Nimitz has signed the photo twice in black fountain pen -- once on the surrender document, itself, just below the tip of his pen, and again in the lower border, with a dedication to Assistant Secretary of State Norman Armour: "To the Honorable Norman Armour and Mrs. Armour/with best wishes and great esteem/C.W. Nimitz, Rear Admiral, USN." All the writing is significantly faded from exposure to sunlight over many years, but remains entirely readable, nonetheless. The photo, itself, is in fine condition, with a bend in the lower right corner, not affecting the writing, light waviness and bends to the borders, most of which could mat out, and light soiling to the borders. A scan of the signature/inscription area is available upon request.

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