WINNIE LIGHTNER. Uncommon vintage 8×10 matte finish black and white chest-up portrait, boldly signed in black fountain pen, Cordially Yours/Winnie Lightner/1931.” Very fine condition. Winnie Lightner was a 1920s Broadway headliner known as “The Song-A-Minute Girl” because of her rapid-fire rendition of hit songs in under 60 seconds. Signed by Warner Bros. with the advent of talking pictures, she scored a big hit with the now-lost Golddiggers of Broadway (1929) and perked up the otherwise leaden Your Show of Shows (1929) with her rendition of “Singing in the Bathtub.” But after a few starring roles, the studio began to consign Lightner, who was no great beauty, to secondary roles, typecast as the frumpy, weary, wisecracking best friend of the star, and in 1934, after only 13 screen appearances, she decided to call it quits. Today, she is nearly forgotten, but a few diehard fans still carry a torch for her misused talent.