ALS, “Vernon,” 2 pp., back and front, 8vo., n.p., March 26, and accompanied by the original mailing envelope postmarked Pacific Palisades, March 27,1958.  The composer writes to theatrical producer Louis Macmillan, effectively dooming a proposed stage production of Cabin in the Sky.  In part:  “… let me state here and now that I never said a thing against the proposed City Center production of Cabin.  I was all for it… but I certainly balked at waiving all royalties!  I’m much less happy about this constant talk about a London production.  The film version of ‘Cabin’ was not a success in England and unless we all go to London and have full say about cast, sets, orchestra, etc. – I fear the show might fall very flat, indeed… As for the Central Park proposition – that’s really pathetic.”  Much more.  Fine condition, with two mailing folds.