VEDA ANN BORG. Extremely scarce vintage ALS, 2 pp., 8vo., December 25, 1952, n.p. Borg writes to columnist Jimmy Starr. In full: “You could never come close to knowing how I felt when I saw my name on your list of ‘Best Performances’ for 1952. You have my sincere thanks for that, and all the other times you gaveme a place in the sun. May your own cup ever be as full of happiness as you’ve made mine. You have the loving good wishes of a very grateful, Veda Ann Bor.” One small handling bend; otherwise very fine condition. Cult favorite Veda Ann Borg appeared in scores of films and dozens of television series from the late 1930s until the early 1960s, frequently cast as a hard-boiled blonde sexpot. Early in her career a severe automobile accident left her face severely disfigured, but after extensive reconstructive surgery she was able to return to the screen.