STEPHEN SONDHEIM. TLS, 8vo, August 6, 2008, two separate pages, the first with his personal letterhead. Excellent, career-related content. In full: “No need to remind me – I remember you and your site well. In answer to your questions: 1. Yes indeed, I think that Todd and Mrs. Lovett have been lovers, though not by his choice, I suspect. 2. ‘Dark Master’ is correct. It has nothing to do with God. I used the ‘Dies Irae’ simply because it connotes death. 3. I have no preference between adaptations and originals. Originals are scarier to write and therefore, I suspect, more fun. The librettist has a much better, if harder, time writing an original. 4. I try to work in keys that I haven’t worked in recently, in order to prevent my fingers from falling into familiar physical patterns. Sometimes, I’ll adjust the key to suit my rapidly diminishing vocal range. Finally, I can hardly boil water. And I don’t really have a favorite meal, though I’m extremely fond of a South American dish called Pastel de Choclo.”. A single mailing fold; otherwise very fine condition. Accompanied by the original mailing envelope.