ALS, “Roy,” 2 pp., 8vo.,n.p., November 22, 1966.  The actor replies to a fan who is seeking contact information on other Western character actors.  In part:  “I suppose it seems strange to you that we are not better informed about our fellow actors, but so often our only meeting is the few days we are together on a show.  After the finish they go their way – we go ours.  And we may not see them again for several months or years.  I do appreciate your letter & I thank you for your loyalty – to Westerns – let us say.”  Two expected mailing folds; otherwise very fine condition.  Accompanied by the original mailing envelope, hand addressed (but not signed) by Barcroft.  Character actor Roy Barcroft appeared in hundreds of “B” Westerns during his four-decade career, switching to TV Westerns in the early 1950s, usually cast in villainous roles.