ROGER LIVESEY. Vintage 1930s 3.5 x 5.3 semi-glossy black and white chest-up portrait by Vivienne, signed in blue fountain pen, “Greetings!/Roger Livesey.” Fine condition, with a mild bend in his sweater, affecting two letters of the signature; and two mild bends in the background, all of which only very slightly detract from overall appearance. Patches of faint silvering to some of the darker areas of the image are only visible when the photograph is angled into the light and is not obvious when the photograph is viewed head on. Following s stage debut as a child, English actor Roger Livesey enjoyed a six-decade career encompassing the stage, screen and television. Among the dozens of films in which he appeared, his most memorable performance came in Michael Powell’s 1943 classic, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp.”