Definitive vintage 8×10 chest-up MGM silver gelatin print by Clarence Sinclair Bull, circa 1931, boldly signed and inscribed in black fountain pen, “To Robert L. Anderson/Sincerely Yours/Raymond Milland.”  Very good condition, with multiple pin holes in the corners, a fair number of them in the background of the image, visibly detracting from overall appearance.  Ray Milland made his first screen appearance in 1928 and played small, uncredited roles through 1930.  His first screen credit was in 1931 at MGM, when he was billed as Raymond Milland, and he continued to appear as Raymond Milland until 1936, working at different studios when he finally changed his billing to Ray Milland.  This is the only photograph signed as Raymond Milland that I have ever seen and really quite a find, despite all those nasty pin holes.