NINA MAE McKINNEY. Vintage pencil signature and sentiment of the African-American actress dubbed “the black Garbo, ” on a 4.5 x 3.5 light pink album page. Fine condition, with a small photograph affixed below the signature and a small stain along the right edge, close to but not touching the end of the signature. After some stage experience, Nina Mae McKinney was cast by King Vidor as the temptress, “Chick, ” in his pioneering 1929 all-black film, Hallelujah. Subsequently, she was signed to a contract by MGM, but essentially never much used beyond dubbing songs for Jean Harlow in Reckless (1935). In 1935, she moved to Europe, appearing opposite Paul Robeson in Sanders of the River. Constant stage work ensued, in Europe and America, as well as occasional film appearances in projects mostly unworthy of her talent.