MAUREEN STAPLETON. Glossy 8×10 black and white head and shoulders publicity portrait, boldly signed in purple felt tip ink. Mint condition. Maureen Stapleton won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance in Reds (1982), and was also nominated for her work in Interiors (1979), Airport (1971), and Lonelyhearts (1959). A character actress with a larger-than-life personality, she was renowned for her boozing and her profanity-laced conversation. (Those with delicate sensibilities should not read further.) She was once approached on the street by a fan who expressed admiration for her Emmy-nominated performance in Queen of the Stardust Ballroom (1975). “But why did your character have to die at the end of the movie?” he asked. “Honey, ” she replied, “it was too much dancin’ and too much f**kin’!” True story.