LUIS TRENKER. Vintage 4 x 5.75 double-weight matte finish black and white three-quarter length portrait of Trenker against a mountain background, boldly signed in black fountain pen to the bottom border. Minor mounting remnants on the reverse side, and extremely faint silvering, completely invisible when the image is viewed head on; otherwise very fine condition. The German actor and director, whose career spanned nearly 60 years, was renowned for his mountaineering films, which trumpeted such values as manliness, love of nature and homeland, and rejection of urban values, the latter tapping into an especially strong theme of German films of the 1920s. His themes endeared him to the Nazis, and he continued making films in Germany throughout the 1930s, while resisting pressure from the Nazis to imbue his scripts with more nakedly propagandistic themes. Accused of opportunistic collaboration with the Nazis after the war, he was ultimately acquitted and returned to acting and directing in 1950, working for another three decades and concentrating increasingly as a director on documentaries.