LEILA HYAMS. Vintage 8×10 matte finish sepia tone chest-up studio portrait, boldly signed in black fountain pen, “Best wishes/Leila Hyams.” Fair condition, with a hoizontal tear along the right edge above her left shoulder, intruding about an inch into the background and reaired on the back with scotch tape; a mild diaonal bend at the top left corner; and a mild but noticeable bend running the length of the photograph through the middle, visibly detracting from overall appearance. The popular leading lady of the silent screen and early talkies squeezed over fifty films in a career that lasted only a little over a decade, her most notable roles being in the early horror classics Freaks and The Island of Lost Souls (both 1932). Signed photographs are extremely uncommon, but this is priced to reflect its less than ideal condition.