Vintage 10.4 x 13.4 matte finish sepia tone chest-up portrait by Edward Bower Hesser, boldly signed and effusively inscribed in black fountain pen, “To dear, jolly, wonderful [indecipherable]/may God bless him & let him photograph/my pictures – [indecipherable]!/with kindest of thoughts & thanks/to the mag & the artist/Sincerely & fondly/Jetta Goudal.”  Fine condition, with trimmed borders and a tiny bit of paper loss at the top left corner tip.  A relatively minor silent screen presence, appearing in a total of 18 films, Jetta Goudal was, at least for a time, a great favorite of Cecil B. deMille, who cast her in four big-budget productions between 1925-27. However, her much-talked-about on-set diva tantrums ultimately led the director to abrogate her contract, leading to a heated lawsuit. Ultimately, Goudal prevailed, but it was a pyrrhic victory, as her difficult reputation made directors extremely reluctant to hire her, and she abandoned her acting career in 1932.