INGRID BERGMAN. Vintage 8×10 double-weight satin finish silver gelatin portrait by Clarence Sinclair Bull of Bergman in costume from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941), boldly signed and inscribed in black fountain pen, “To Peter Barker/Ingrid Bergman.” Near fine condition, with a lengthy but soft bend in the background near the left edge, running about half the length of the photo; a small crease in her dress; mild creasing to the bottom left corner tip; a small bend and surface scuff at the top right; and a few additional very mild bends in the background, with the more substantial bends and creases detracting slightly from the overall appearance of the image. The vertical white line in the background of the accompanying scan is purely a scanner glitch and is not part of the actual photograph. A studio snipe celebrating Bergman’s performance is printed on the reverse side.