HOBART BOSWORTH. Vintage 7.3 x 9 matte finish sepia tone chest-up portrait by Hartsook, signed and inscribed in black fountain pen, “To Elsie Jellicoe/with the very best wishes/of Hobart Bosworth/1917.” Fine condition, with possibly trimmed borders; a small handling bend to the top right corner tip; and the writing largely penned against the dar kfabric of his jacket, but quite readable. An established Broadway star at the turn of the 20th century, Hobart Bosworth moved west after contracting tuberculosis and by 1908 began to appear in short films, where he could indulge his love of acting without taxing his diminished vocal resources. Over the next 35 years he would appear in nearly 300 films, the majority shorts made during the early years of the silent era, for which he frequently also acted as director, scenarist and producer, his multiplicity of talents earning him the nickname “The Dean of Hollywood.” He made a smooth transition to sound, playing supporting roles in several dozen films until his death in 1943.