HEDDA HOPPER. Sepia tone 7.2 x 10 head and shoulders book-weight portrait, with printed biography below, removed from the 1930 edition of “Stars of the Photoplay, ” boldly signed and inscribed in black fountain pen, “To John from Hedda Hopper/Sept 2 – 1961.” Image by Ruth Harriet Louise. A signed image of Edward Everett Horton appears on the reverse side. A very mild diagonal bend to the top right corner tip; otherwise very fine condition. Hedda Hopper enjoyed a lengthy and rather prolific career as an actress, appearing as a vamp in the 1920s and in numerous character roles throughout the 1930s. After 1938 she emerged as a popular but much-feared gossip columnist, able to break careers by revealing salacious details about the misdeeds and sexual proclivities of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.