FRANK MORGAN. One of a kind vintage 8×10 matte finish sepia tone portrait of Morgan seated opposite George Fitzmaurice, who directed him in The Emperor’s Candlesticks (1937). Morgan has not personalized the photo but has written the lengthy dedication twice, once in white ink and once in black ink. There are very minor variations in the wording, but essentially the inscription on the left reads: “This is just in/case you can’t read the opposite./Does your expression/signify that I’m just/a shade in the – a – wrong side/or do you mean ‘it’s just a problem/on my hands’ – anyway you/make work such a pleasure/that I would like to sneak out/with you some night &/burn the candle at/both ends -/Frank Morgan.” Fine condition, with an extremely faint horizontal bend through the center of the photograph, virtually invisible when the photograph is viewed head on and barely detectable if the photograph is angled into the light. Scarce.