DOROTHY JORDAN. Sepia tone 7.3 x 10 head and shoulders book-weight portrait, with printed biography below, removed from the 1930 edition of “Stars of the Photoplay, ” boldly signed and inscribed in blue fountain pen, “To John/With all good/wishes for/a happy life/Dorothy Jordan.” A signed image of actress Leatrice Joy appears on the reverse side. Fine condition, with a few extremely mild handling bends in the borders and a slightly uneven left edge where the page was removed from the Photoplay book. In a very brief career, leading lady Dorothy Jordan appeared in two dozen films within four years. She had just been chosen to appear opposite Fred Astaire in a little film called Flying Down to Rio when she decided to chuck her career, marrying producer/director Merian C. Cooper, and flying off on her own honeymoon, instead. Her part went to Ginger Rogers.