Vintage 1930s 3.5 x 5.5 semi-glossy half-length black and white “Ross” portrait, signed to the bottom border in blue fountain pen.  Fine condition, with faint silvering to the darker areas of the image, completely invisible when the photograph is viewed head on; and the signature a bit scratchy but completely readable.  The diminutive actress was a rising star in German films in the early 1930s, but decamped for Britain in 1936, distraught at various actions taken against her Jewish co-workers in the film industry.  Several years later, she arrived in Hollywood and was signed to a contract by Columbia Pictures, which subsequently declined to cast her after she refused to change her name to Lilli Marlowe.  Although she would subsequently appear on Broadway and in regional theaters around the U.S. and on television, her only notable American film role was as Alma Keller,wife of the murderer in Hitchcock’s I Confess (1953).  She was married for half a century to Broadway cartoonist Al Hirschfeld.