Bold vintage signature, “Best wishes/David Hemmings,” in red felt tip ink on a 6×4 blue index card.  Near very fine condition, with a small ink brush to a single letter of the sentiment.  A pencil notation on the reverse side indicates that this autograph was obtained in person in January 1967.  John Verzi collection.  David Hemmings became an icon of the British pop era when, as a 24-year old actor, he was cast in the leading role of Michelangelo Antonion’s Blow-Up (1966). By 1970, his film career had already peaked, but he continued acting while also pursuing careers as a singer and director. One of his final performances was in the well-received British drama, Last Orders (2001), where, overweight and with scarily bushy eyebrows, he was virtually unrecognizable as the handsome lad who had frolicked onscreen in the buff four decades earlier.