Glamorous 10×13 matte finish black and white head and shoulders studio portrait, signed and inscribed in black fountain pen, “To Mary-Ann/with my best wishes/and appreciation/Constance Bennett.”  Fine condition, with neatly trimmed borders and the ink a shade light but rather stronger on the actual photograph than it appears in the accompanying scan.  The trimming appears to have caused the loss of about a zillionth of an inch of the bottom of the first letter of her signature.  The sophisticated leading lady was at her considerable peak in the early 1930s, sinning and suffering — SUFFERING!!! — onscreen three or four times a year through 1934, but always in satins, pearls and furs. Perhaps her best-known role was in Topper (1937). As her film career slowed down in the 1940s, she turned to theater, radio, and television, and actively helped organize shows for Allied solders stationed in Germany during the years of the Berlin airlift.