Christmas card, circa 1958, to her friend “Molly,” signed “Clara” (twice.  In part:  “I’ve had a terrible year, including 3rd degree burn… A faulty electric pad while I was sleeping under sedation caused all the trouble!… Rex [Bell] won re-election in Nov. to his 2nd term as Lieut. Governor of Nevada… Tony is in the Air Force now, and George still in the Marines… I hope I’m wrong, but it looks now as if we will all be in a 3rd ‘World War’ and then ‘God’ help us all!  Russia is out to win, whether it be by a continuation of the 13 yr old cold war or a hot, shooting Atom War!”   About fine condition, with partial separation of the two sides of the card along the center fold.  Following an emotional breakdown in 1949, Bow separated from husband Rex Bell and lived as a recluse until her death in 1965.