BILL CLINTON. TLS, “Bill, ” as Governor of Arkansas, February 22, 1989 to a pastor who objected to Clinton’s signing of a bill that reduced the tax rate on the Oaklawn racetrack. In part: “I also respect and appreciate your moral objections, but I believe I would be overstepping my constitutional authority were I to oppose a legal industry like Oaklawn that enjoys widespread support in the community and throughout the state. Sincere and deeply held beliefs often differ on issues such as this.” Clinton concludes the letter with a lengthy holographic note: “Until confronted with competition from Louisiana and Oklahoma Oaklawn paid the 2nd highest race tax in the U.S. It was lowered only to the national average and all the money was to go back into the track – I felt the decision was economically justified as the income had been declining for 4 years.”. Fine condition, with two mailing folds, and slight creasing; mainly along the bottom right edge, affecting a few words of the handwriting.