BETTY BLYTHE. Exotic-looking black and white 7.5 x 10.7 book-weight head and shoulders portrait, with printed biography below, removed from the 1924 edition of “Stars of the Photoplay, ” boldly signed and inscribed in turqoise fountain pen, “John – Bless you/Betty Blythe, “ and dated Nov. 20, 1960 in her hand in the top border. Image by Russell Ball. A signed image of actor Monte Blue appears on the reverse side. Fine condition, with a few extremely mild handling bends in the borders and a very slightly ragged rght edge where the page was removed from the book. The busy leading lady of the silent screen was skimpily clad in many of her most famous features, almost all of them, alas, now lost. With the advent of sound, she became a character actress, frequently unbilled, making appearances in more than 100 additional films during the ensuing three and a half decades. Jon Verzi collection.