BARBARA O’NEIL. TLS, 2 pp., 4to., undated, n.p. The actress writes to Ella Smith, author of a 1974 biography of Barbara Stanwyck, regarding her experiences during the filming of Stella Dallas (1937), her screen debut. In part: “Stella Dallas was my first picture. There was a strike and a picket line to be crossed every morning which I hated… Mr. King Vidor was kind and respectful and very patient, and like a knowledgeable animal trainer carefully managed to get a shot of me now and then that he could use. One day, when things were particularly rough and my ignorance of film technique was probably costing time and money — Barbara came over to my dressing room and in a serious and friendly way encouraged me to keep in there picthing and to try not to let Mr. Goldwyn bother me. She is a marvelous warm hearted person. I knew it then while working with her, and recently watching a rerun of Stella Dallas I understand the depth and strength of her work.” Much more, with a five-line hologram postscript. Fine condition, with two mailing folds. Following her appearance in Tower of London Barbara O’Neil began filming the role for which she is best remembered, Scarlett’s mother, Ellen O’Hara, in Gone With the Wind, a part she won despite being only three years older than Vivien Leigh. She won an Oscar nomination for her very next film, All This, And Heaven Too the following year, after which her film appearances became very infrequent. Autographed material in virtually any format is fairly uncommon.