ALS, “Akim,” 2 pp., small 4to., May 8, 1964, London.  An outstanding letter from the distinguished character actor and two-time Oscar nominee, with excellent personal and career content.  In part:  “I am soon finishing shooting ‘Lord Jim’… London is pleasant – no fog, no rain, even sunshine… I have missed a very interesting part in M.G.M. (British) production of ‘The Yellow Rolls-Roice’ [sic], in an episode with Ingrid Gergman and Omar Shariff… Too bad!!  They are talking to my Rome agents about a part for me in Mastroianni’s picture ‘Casanova,’ I hope it will materialize… It was very pleasant to work with such actors as Peter O’Toole (a great fellow) and James Mason… It seems I am not bad in this film; anyway, what I see while dubbing all the scenes we shot in Hong Kong and in Cambodia I liked quite a lot.  I got very friendly with O’Toole… I am sure he will be sensational as Lord Jim, probably even better than Lawrence of Arabia or ‘The King’ in Beckett.”  Much more.  Fine condition, with a single mailing fold.