ALS, “Akim,” 4 pp., 4to., Istanbul, no date.  The famed character actor writes at great length to a friend, with outstanding career-related content regarding his most recent film work, including on Topkai (1964).  In part:  “‘La Tulipe Noir’ with Alain Delon, under the direction of Christian Lague… was certainly quite an experience for me.  I played in it one of the leading parts…. in French!!! – just imagine!!  It was quite a surprise for me to learn on the Madrid air-port that this film is being shot in French, with direct recording!!! It took me several days and several sleepless nights not only to memorize all my speeches and all my dialogs, but also to be able to pronounce them with as little accents as possible and as fast as all French actors always play comedies!  Evidently, it was not too lousy because Christian Lague wants me for his next film…”  Much more.  Fine condition, with expected mailing folds.