Rudyard Kipling
RUDYARD KIPLING. TLS, 1 p., 4to., Sussex, December 29, 1931. The famed writer sadly addresses the toll that the Depression has taken on his life. In full: "Thank you very much for your letter and for your offer about your Chauffeur, but as a matter of fact I am putting down my big car, at any rate for the present, as I always go abroad this time of year and shall not be taking it with me. My man has been always quite satisfactory and has been with me a number of years, but like the rest of the world, I can no longer keep a man in idleness for three months of the year, and so I am making a change now. Your man sounds very good, and these times must I am afraid come very hard on Chauffeurs, who are perhaps an early luxury to go." Fine condition, with expected mailing folds and scattered mild handling bends, particularly at the corners.

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