Evelyn Waugh
EVELYN WAUGH. Choice ALS, 2 pp., large 8vo, Gloucestershire, 6th November n.y. (but annotated 1950 in pencil), to Neville Braybrooke, an editor of the journal "The Wind and the Rain." In large part: "I am afraid that my answer to your appeal for funds must be a refusal. This is not because I do not admire your enterprise & tenacity in maintaining publication. Moreover I think your paper has been consistently interesting. I owe you my reasons. First, I cannot afford to give much money away. Although I am prosperous on paper I suffer from the politicians' process of changing gold to base metal. When I have paid my taxes I have enough to support & educate my family... I enjoy many of the 'little reviews,' yours particularly, but are they a necessary object?... I don't think so. There are still old established magazines... As long as they exist I think it is the duty of writers, particularly of young writers of whom I am no longer one, to force themselves into, & influence, them. There is now no great bubbling up of extravagant talent that needs encouragement. The editions of the old papers have tongues hanging out for new writers... Think of me as an old fogey if you will, but please don't think me too much of a curmudgeon." About fine condition, with light overall creasing and edge wear and light discoloration to the edges of the stationery, very slightly affecting the signature.

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