Charles Dickens
CHARLES DICKENS. Original autograph letter, signed in the third person within the text, 1 p., 8vo., Folkstone, Kent, 19 September 1855. In full: "Mr. Charles Dickens presents his compliments to Mr. Smyth, and begs to say that he cannot have the pleasure of complying with the request proposed in that genleman's note. He is very busilly engaged at present with his own pursuits -- will visit Sheffield at considerable inconvenience - and has his arranagements made for immediately returning to the avocaions that now engross his attention." Dickens had aleady engaged to read "A Christmas Carol" at Sheffield on 22 December, and the "avocations" mentioned in the letter likely refer to Book III of "Little Dorrit," on which Dickens had just begun work. Fine condition, with two mailing folds and a few extremely mild bends.

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