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Vintage Hollywood Signed Photo Collections

Established in 1990, Golden Age Autographs is one of America's leading Autograph Dealers specializing in the field of vintage entertainment. The items illustrated on this site represent just a small sampling of our Autograph Collection inventory in such areas as film, theatre, jazz and classic rock. In addition to entertainment, we offer a fine selection of Authentic Autographed Photos in other fields, as well, including history, art and literature, opera and classical music, and sports. Please check this site for weekly updates and scans of new acquisitions in our Autographed Photo Collection.
Golden Age Autographs is a member in good standing of the UACC (Registered Dealer #33) and Professional Autograph Dealers Association. The authenticity of all material sold by us is unconditionally guaranteed forever.
Illustrated catalogs are issued approximately three times a year. A sample catalog containing a full listing of our stock can be obtained by sending $3 to the address listed including Celebrity Vintage Autographs. A year's worth of catalogs costs $10, refundable with your first purchase.

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